The Shirodhara is an efficient and crucial Ayurvedic treatment which consists of a slow pouring of a warm liquid on the head. The duration of the treatment goes from a minimum of 25 minutes to a maximum of one hour. At least 4 treatments are recommended to have a good result and they must be performed in a short period of time from one to another.

The Shirodhara treatment is indicated to cure those conditions related to the head, such has migraines and headaches. It betters your sleep, relieves the Vata imbalances, such as: anxiety, restlessness, phobias. Rebalances Pitta. It enhances and maintains the efficiency of all sense organs.


The liquid used depending on the condition by the therapist, is contained in a receptacle called patradhara and it is kept to a constant temperature over time.


Thanks to the warm liquid, free flowing on the forehead, this technique allows the stimulation of  the pineal gland, especially the pituitary. Such endocrine glands are responsible for the production of hormones as, for example, melatonin and serotonin and grant growth and support to your health. We may say that the treatment has positive effects on the nervous system, boosting vitality, fighting depression, improving memory and reducing fatigue.


Besides, the Shirodhara treatment releases muscle tensions and helps in removing negative thoughts. It relaxes the face and diminishes wrinkles. It opens the energy channels of the head and cleanses the mind, awakening clarity and decision-making capacity.

Shirodara must be performed during the day, never at night. If it is performed regularly it can stop the signs of aging, giving glow to the skin and allowing us to stay young and active for a long time.


This truly unique and innovative instrument comes from the combination between the Shirodroni and the Shirotailamatic kit and makes it possible to maintain automatically the most important conditions for the correct execution of the treatment.


The conditions are: temperature, timing and the constant flux of the liquids used according to the type of treatment. In fact, the recirculation process allows liquids to flow back to the patradhara so that the slow and constant pouring required to have the best results is guaranteed. This highly versatile instrument can be used on all the couches available on the market and its easy installation, cleaning and transport are noteworthy. The instrument and the accessories needed to perform the Shirodhara can be carried inside a trolley, which allows us to execute the Shirodhara in different clinics too.


Thanks to this system, the Shirodhara treatment can be performed by one professional only, this permits to reduce the cost of the treatment and improve its execution, since the therapist doesn’t have to bend over every minute to re-fill the patradhara.


The birth of the Shirotailamatic

This tool was born from the desire to practice Shirodhara, an Ayurvedic treatment born in India about 2000 years ago. I learned this treatment at the school, where I graduated as a traditional Ayurvedic practitioner at (the Atharva Vedha high training institute in Rome) and I was immediately fascinated by it. When I tried it, I felt a sensation of total well-being, it was like taking a journey into the depths of my soul. With this spirit I started looking for an instrument on the market that could meet my needs and the research led me to know Andrea Scalvenzi’s Shirodroni. I was struck by the creativity of Andrea who had created a unique instrument of his kind. A practical tool, not bulky and the important thing that you could use on all the beds. About a year after its use, I felt the need to create something that would make it even easier and less tiring to practice this treatment. Andrea’s Shirodhara is a tool where the operator must physically commit to correctly practice the Shirodhara which is normally performed by two operators in India. This stimulus to improve the execution of the treatment led me to imagine how the most suitable tool for my needs should be and I contacted a carpenter artist to whom I talked about my project and my ideas and shortly thereafter we started this trip (it was 2018). Like all important things that are done in life, along the way we have encountered many difficulties both in finding the materials and in designing the instrument but with love and trust, we finally complete our first prototype. After making it, I realized that the instrument was aesthetically very beautiful, however in trying it it did not pass the test of ease of cleaning, portability in a suitcase, temperature adjustment and finally the pump made a little too much noise. With a bit of bitterness for the hard work, I decided to stop to process the experience and recharge my energy. In 2020 at the height of the Covid pandemic in which feelings of uncertainty and fear reigned in the hearts of the entire population of the world, I decided to resume the project with another approach: to ask for suggestions and ideas as a gift from the people who were more close at that moment. Finally, I decided to transform Andrea’s Shirodroni into Shirotailamatic. Today I want to thank all the people who helped me, in particular: Massimo for his creativity, Luana for his loving support and for believing in me, in my project and for pointing out some critical issues. To Coralli carpentry in Rome for providing an important part of the instrument, to Claudio for helping me find some technical solutions, for photos and filming, to my colleague Claudia who told me about her system for making the Shirodhara, to Andrea Scalvenzi with who I agree with this project, for having accepted my collaboration proposal and for the ideas, projects and manual works that he has made available to improve the presentability of this instrument. I can confirm that the Shirotailamatic is the result of the synthesis of a choral work where everyone has brought their own contribution. Today I know that commitment, love, trust, humility, reciprocity, are the fundamental elements to carry out any project in our life and we must not be discouraged in the face of difficulties because life wants to invite us to grow and improve and it does so through the experiences produced by obstacles. that we meet along our path. Thanks for your attention.


Shirotailamatic is composed of

  • 1 Wooden board complete with rod to hang the dhara
  • 1 Wooden board for raising the bed base table
  • 1 Patradhara container with accessories
  • 1 Copper elbow for oil outflow
  • 2 Pumps of 16W H max: 1,5 meters output: 600 – 800L / h
  • 2 transparent silicone food tubes diameter 16/12
  • 1 Pair of Owl clamps
  • 1 oil heater stove with 3 L capacity
  • 1 Pillow for head support
  • 1 Stool to support the stove
  • 1 power strip with independent switches
  • 1 Silicone paddle
  • 1 Electronic gauge for oil temperature
  • 1 wooden cabinet with wheels

Registrazion N° 302020000097460


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